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Designed by Catalan architect Francisco Roca i Simó, the Spanish Club of Rosario was proclaimed a National Heritage Site in 2004. Of particular worth are its façade, skylight and stained glass windows.


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parks and walks

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Natural attractions

Rosario offers visitors green river walkways which allow them to stroll along the 5-mile bank stretching. There are also wild flora and fauna, beaches, bars and typical dishes on the other side of the river.

Parks and walks
Perfect for a bicycle ride or a walk, the city  parks are positively a must for any visitor.
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River, islands and beaches
The sandy beaches on the islands are ideal to enjoy the sun during the sumer. In turn, on this side of the river, there is La Florida, a broad and highly popular beach.
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Islands and river excursion
Entering the silence and nature of the islands proveides a relaxing contrast to he pace oh the city.
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