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"Parque de la Independencia" is the largest and oldest park in Rosario. It includes museums, an artificial lake, games, horse-racing tracks and the Newell’s Old Boys soccer stadium.


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Sailing on the Paraná River

Another way of exploring the Paraná River is on a comfortable rental sailboat or motorboat. With these, you will be able to follow the winding streams of the delta. Also available is the

Motorboat Excursions
Groups of 10 with English-, French- and Spanish-speaking guides. Area: Upper Delta of the Paraná River. Available every day of the week.
Contact Info
Departures: Mondays to Saturdays at 1 pm and 4 pm; Sundays at 10:30 am.
Tel: +54 (341) 155 713 812.
E-mail: paseosenlancharosario@gmail.com
Web site: www.boattours.com.ar
Route: Boca de los Marinos, Charigüé, Paraná Viejo, Rosario-Victoria Bridge, Paraná Beaches. Return trip following the banks of the River, offering visitors a unique panoramic view of Rosario.

Charigüé Island Cultural Center
4-hour tour of the island for nature watching and to learn about local traditions. Visit to the Site Museum, to the workshop of artist J. Mario Domínguez Teixeira and to the “Santísima Trinidad” Chapel (Holy Trinity). Concerning the Museum, it is worth noting that it is the first and only one devoted to the island’s natural resources and to the peoples who used to inhabit this part of the delta. Among its exhibitions, there are fossils, Chaná pottery, Guaraní pottery, aboriginal music instruments and architecture. Optional: camping, fishing in the Lechiguana Stream, art workshops, walks along the island to see the wetlands.
Contact Info
Departures from "La Fluvial" River Station on Fridays at 2:15 and at 5:15 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 10:15 am, 2:15 pm and 5:15 pm.
Ticket price: AR$80.
Tel: +54 (341) 155 479 495/485 5665.
Web site: http://www.centroculturalislacharigue.blogspot.com.ar
E-mail: domingezteix@hotmail.com 

“Island Explorer”
In front of Rosario, on the other side of the Paraná River, there is an extensive delta with virgin islands. The “Island Explorer” excursion encourages you to explore this area—cut by streams and canals and spotted with lakes—onboard a powerful semi-rigid boat that seats 12 people. An experienced guide with a knowledge of this varied landscape will accompany you on the excursion, which will last about an hour and a half. On the way back, you will sail along the “Paraná Grande” to admire the city’s skyline.
Contact Info
Available every day of the week.
Departures: Mondays to Sundays at 4 and 6 pm. “Estación Fluvial" (“La Fluvial” River Station): +54 (341) 447 3838. “Island Explorer”: +54 (341) 156 289 287.
E-mail: islandexplorer@hotmail.com.ar
Web site: www.islandexplorer.com.ar
Route: “Estación Fluvial” (River Station), Boca de los Marinos, Charigüé, Paraná Viejo, Rosario-Victoria Bridge. Return trip through “Paraná Grande”; arrival at “Estación Fluvial.” Approximate duration: an hour and a half.

“Rosario Sail”

“Rosario Sail” invites you to enjoy the Paraná River and the riverside landscape from a sailboat, in a quiet yet exciting atmosphere. There are river excursions every day, in the daytime and in the nighttime during the full moon (highly recommended). Booking required.
Contact Info
Tel: +54 (9341) 628 9287.
Web site: www.rosariosail.com.ar
E-mail: rosariosail@hotmail.com

Kayak and Motorboat Tours
On-board instructor, refreshments and stop at an island. Kayak-motorboat tour combination also possible.
Contact Info
Tel: +54 (9341) 571 3812.
Web site: www.kayaktoursrosario.com.ar

“Ciudad de Rosario” Ferry
This Ferry seats 350 people and offers you every comfort: 3 open-air decks, 2 rooms, food and drinks served by waiters and background music—a pleasant way of sailing along the river. The Ferry leaves from the “Estación Fluvial” (River Station), which is in front of the National Flag Memorial. The trip lasts two hours, allowing you to unwind from the hectic pace of the city and see Rosario from a new perspective. You will encounter the Rosario-Victoria Bridge and will be able to admire the outline of the “Puerto Norte” real estate project, as well as the grand staircase and the columns of the “Parque de España” (Spanish Park), together with the buildings of downtown Rosario.
Contact Info
NOT AVAILABLE FROM 15 TO 31 JANUARY, NOR FROM 18 TO 28 FEBRUARY. During the rest of the summer, however, it is available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 5 and 7:30 pm. Fall, winter and spring departure time: 2:30 and 5 pm.
“Estación Fluvial” (River Station), facing the National Flag Memorial.
Tel: +54 (9341) 449 8688.
E-mail: info@barcocr1.com
Web site: www.barcocr1.com

Motorboat excursions around the islands or to nearby ports. Outdoor camping in the islands. Bird-watching. Fishing.
Contact Info
Cell phone: +54 (9341) 597 6380 (Roberto Jurnet). Cell phone: +54 (9341) 552 0402 (Ricardo Tomás Thoss).
E-mail: taiboparana@hotmail.com

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