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Central y el Negro

Rosario Central stadium was the center of Fontanarrosa's great soccer passion.

Negro was a synonym of soccer and one of his favourite places in the world was Rosario Central stadium, where so many times he went to cheer for his team. For a long time, he sat at seat no. 81, row 10, K sector, on the covered upper level behind Cordiviola St.  Known as El Gigante de Arroyito (the Arroyito Giant), this stadium was refurbish for the 1978 FIFA World Cup held in Argentina. With a total capacity of 41,654 people, it is very praised for its harmonic construction and its vision free of obstacles from any point of the stadium.

Address: Génova y Cordiviola
Phone: 3415092643
Schedule: Visitas guiadas: Miércoles y Jueves de 9 a 11 h, sábados de 9 a 17:30 hs y domingos 9 a 17:30 hs.
Entry: Socios mayores $300, socios menores de 12 años $100, grupo familiar $600, menores de 4 y jubilados no abonan. No Socios mayores $500, menores de 12 años $200, grupo familiar $1000.
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