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Museum of Memory

The old house whether detainees from all over the region lived or died was decided there. Their families traveled great distances to the doors of the facility looking for answers, only to be faced with utter uncertainty.

On the outside, air seemed to abound. In the inside, the house seemed to spin. Perhaps it was the curved walls or the internal outburst of a symmetry with the outside world which produced that optical and emotional effect. The old house on Moreno and Córdoba streets kept within that vertigo each one of its thick layers of History. 

The house was designed in 1928 by the prestigious architect Ermette De Lorenzi as a gift for his parents. Between 1976 and 1983, during the last civic-military dictatorship, it operated as the headquarters of the Command of the II Army Corps. It was right there the plan of persecution and extermination was designed for the six provinces under its jurisdiction: Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Misiones, Chaco and Formosa.

In 1998, with the incentive of Human Rights organizations, the City Council of Rosario approved the creation of the Museum of Memory on that iconic house, but it would be more than ten years before it was finally settled there.

The Museum of Memory offers access to knowledge and promotes research on human rights and social and political memory around the region, the country and Latin America. It features permanent and temporary exhibition rooms open to the public, a documentary center, a specialized library with more than 3,500 volumes and newspapers, an area of educational extension and another one for territorial work. Since its creation, it has established itself as a referent among institutions of its kind, both nationally and internationally.

Address: Córdoba 2019
Phone: 5493412782011
Schedule: Horarios de apertura: De miércoles a viernes de 12 a 18 h Sábados, domingos y feriados de 9 a 13 h
Entry: Entrada gratuita
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