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How to get to Rosario

By Plane
Rosario Islas Malvinas International Airport is located in Fisherton district, 13 km from downtown Rosario, westward. You can get to the airport by car, on a public or private taxi, or by bus. 
Address: Jorge Newbery Ave., n/n
Phone number: +54 341 451 3220/6300

From/To the Airport
By Car 
The easiest way to get to the airport by car from downtown Rosario is along Córdoba street (later merging with Eva Perón Ave.) until you take National Route 9.  Next, take the first exit on your right, into Jorge Newbery Ave., and you’ll see the airport a few meters ahead, on your left. Another possibility is to take Circunvalación Ave. until you reach Jorge Newbery Ave. intersection. Then, continue along this avenue until you reach the roundabout that leads to the airport.

By Bus (115 Aeropuerto)
The cheapest means of transport to get to downtown Rosario from the airport is the bus line 115 Aeropuerto, which you can take at the airport’s main entrance. You’ll be there in 45 minutes. On your way, you’ll see Mariano Moreno Bus Station and other points of interest. You can use the same bus line to travel the opposite way, from downtown to the airport. Check 115 Aeropuerto bus line stops.
You need a MOVI card to pay for the bus ticket (link a cómo moverse). Otherwise, you can use coins directly on the bus machine. The card can be purchased or charged at the dedicated point of sale inside the airport. 

By Public or Private Taxi
Once you’re out of the National and International Arrivals area, you can ask for information about authorized private taxi services. The cost of the trip varies according to the destination, and you can check the prices here.
You can also go from and to the airport by public taxi. You’ll find information about fares in the Movi app, available for IOS and Android.

You can also hire minibus or van services to move to and from the airport. Find information about the transfer service.

By Bus
Mariano Moreno Bus Station is located 2 km from Rosario’s commercial district. You can get to the Station from any point of the city using the public transport network. From the Station, you can reach lots of national and international destinations. 
Inside the Station, you’ll find a Tourist Information Center which can provide useful information and advice.  
Address: Cafferata 703
Phone number: 54- 0341- 437 3030

By Train
There are two railway stations in Rosario: Rosario Norte and Rosario Sur. These provide services which connect Rosario to Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Tucumán, among other destinations.
Rosario Norte Station
Address: Jorge Newbery Aristóbulo del Valle 2750
Operation hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8 am - 10 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 4 pm - 12 am
Telephone number: 0800 2228736

Rosario Sur Station
Address: San Martín and Batlle y Ordóñez (Rosario Sur)
Operation hours: Mondays to Sundays, 6 pm - 1 am 
Telephone number: 0800 2228736

By Car
Rosario is connected to the rest of the province and the country by means of a comprehensive route network:
> Route 34: Rafaela/Tucumán/Jujuy 
> Route 11: Santa Fe/Resistencia/Formosa/Asunción del Paraguay 
> Route 9: Córdoba/Santiago del Estero/Salta 
> Route 33: Casilda/Bahía Blanca 
> Aramburu P.E. Highway: Rosario/Capital Federal 
> Brigadier E. López Highway: Rosario/Santa Fe 
> Ernesto Che Guevara Highway: Rosario/Córdoba 
> Rosario-Victoria Bridge: Rosario/Entre Ríos/Montevideo