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There's no city like Rosario to make a quick trip with your couple or friends.

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Family outings

Which are the highlights that spread more smiles and clapping among children?

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Rosario LGBT+

Discover outings in the most gay-friendly city of the interior of the country.

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From urban circuits to river trips, visitors can fully enjoy the city.

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Family outings

Which are the highlights that spread more smiles and clapping among children?

Three Amusing Parks for Children
Rosario offers great fun in affordable family outings. Check it out by yourself by visiting the Three Amusing Parks for Children: The Island of Inventions, The Children's Garden, and The Children's Farm. The parks, emplaced in different locations of the city, offer nonconventional games and activities to enjoy a whole afternoon.

Paraná River Aquarium
The only one of its kind in Argentina, this aquarium comprises a park with native plant varieties, a state-of-the-art research center and enormous tanks that allow you to get a close look at the life within one of the widest rivers in South America.

Museum of Natural Sciences
Unlike traditional, unadventurous museums, the Museum of Natural Sciences Dr. Ángel Gallardo offers an interactive, participative, and cultural experience. Don’t skip it! Admission is free and you can take your own beverage for a break during the visit.

Municipal Astronomic Complex
The Municipal Astronomic Complex offers a variety of proposals. These include the Planetarium, where projections are displayed in a huge dome, the Experimental Museum of Sciences, including games and learnings, and the Observatory.

Independence Park
Apart from hosting the Children's Garden, the Independence Park is an ideal place to drift around and to ride pedal boats along a small lake, looking at the fishes that appear from beneath the water and the turtles sunbathing in the small island's coasts.

Downtown Coast
The parks situated along the downtown coast are also a perfect choice for family outings. Apart from the outdoor games (climbers, slides, teeter-totters) and trails, during the weekends it is possible to participate in special activities and proposals. One of the highlights is a concrete yard located next to España Park, a wide area in front of the river where kids and young adults have fun using their bikes, in-line roller skates, and skates.

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