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Young travellers

There's no city like Rosario to make a quick trip with your couple or friends.

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Family outings

Which are the highlights that spread more smiles and clapping among children?

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Rosario LGBT+

Discover outings in the most gay-friendly city of the interior of the country.

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From urban circuits to river trips, visitors can fully enjoy the city.

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Young travellers

There's no city like Rosario to make a quick trip with your couple or friends.

Art and culture, music, urban circuits, parks, gastronomy, homemade beer, nightlife, beaches, trips along the river and the islands... Look around, have fun, and enjoy this great city located by the Paraná river!

Night lovers will always find a rich variety of activities to choose from. There are thousands of things to do and places to visit. Some of the things you can’t miss:
- Live music: Follow the beat of the city around halls, pubs, and amphitheaters which offer rock & roll, jazz, and much more.
- Flavors: Share artisanal ice-cream and homemade beer, the best tavern-style dishes, and freshwater fish!
- Night-clubs: You’ll find intense nightlife both downtown and around Pichincha neighborhood. During the summer, cool outings are nearer the river and the nightclubs of the riverside and La Florida.

Walking Circuits
Some highlights, like the National Flag Memorial and Firma y Odilo Estévez Municipal Decorative Art Museum, offer free guided tours. Don’t forget to download Rosario Turismo app, where you’ll find circuits like the following:
- Che Circuit: Recalls the birth and the early childhood of Ernesto Guevara.
- Historic Area: Buildings depicting the beginnings of the city.
- Fontanarrosa Circuit: The circuit explores the life and the work of this great writer and humorist.

If you enjoy walking, there are always new things to discover. Three paths to follow:
- Walks by the river.
- Small squares along Oroño Boulevard.
- Trails around Independence Park.

Explore the River
The Paraná river, with its endless calm descending slowly, is a kilometer wide. On the other coast of the river, there is a horizon of islands and, beyond, the delta, with about 60 kilometers of unspoiled nature. Are you ready to explore?

You can choose from a variety of tours, but we recommend the following three:
- Board a kayak and take a guided tour that will make you come into closer contact with the islands’ nature.
- Hire speedboats that explore the coastal area and get into the delta's streams.
- Visit the beaches from El Banquito or Isla Verde to enjoy the sand, the sun, music and drinks as you watch the sunset behind the skyline.

Highlights and Outings
Have you already taken a selfie with your friends in the place where the Argentine flag was created? Without doubt, the National Flag Memorial is the first place to visit. Other highlights you shouldn’t miss:
- Museums: Open up the senses and feel the arts, the culture, the avant-garde and the history infusing the air of Rosario.
- Architecture: While walking around the city, let yourself be amazed by styles, stories, and thousands of details to discover.
- Rambla Catalunya and La Florida: Either at night or during the day, don’t miss the outings and the bars located near the beaches of the Northern area of the city.
- Parks: Enjoy the green areas of the downtown coast to relax and have some mates while staring at the river.
- Fairs: There are fairs offering a wide range of items: crafts, antiquities, clothes, regional products... You’ll want to take them all!

On Wheels
Riding bikes is part of Rosario's idiosyncrasy. There's nothing like riding a bike and making long group expeditions throughout the city. You can use the public bicycle system: you only need a credit card to register online ( or through the Mi bici tu bici app.

If you’re a skate enthusiast, Rosario will also fit you well. There are different skateparks, but you’ll probably prefer to stay near Puerto Norte, a couple of blocks away from the river, in one of the biggest public skateparks of Argentina.

Either to walk, ride a bike, skate or rollerblade, remember that on Sunday mornings you can enjoy the Recreational Street: almost 30 kilometers of car-free streets and avenues to devise your own circuit.

Rosario invites you to indulge yourself. There are at least three local specialties not to be missed: 
- The “Carlito”, a sandwich in sliced white sandwich bread with ketchup, ham, and cheese, available with a variety of delicious fillings. 
- Order freshwater fish in one of the restaurants located in the Paraná river coast.
- Ice-creams: The wide variety of ice-creams earned Rosario the designation “the National Capital of the Homemade Ice Cream.”
Also, don’t forget that you can enjoy a wide range of high quality homemade beer. Enjoy the Happy Hours and the relaxed atmosphere of the beer pubs.

From the Air
Rosario is the ideal place to feel the excitement of flying: you get the best-priced skydiving and you can also slide through the sky in a glider.

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