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24 Hours

Staying only one day in Rosario? That's enough to explore the basics of the city.

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48 hours

Where to go and what to do to explore the city and have fun in a two-day visit?

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72 hours

If you have three days available, then you can visit the most emblematic highlights of Rosario.

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72 hours

If you have three days available, then you can visit the most emblematic highlights of Rosario.


1. Historic Downtown
On Day one, first thing in the morning, we recommend visiting the historic downtown. This includes the buildings surrounding the 25 de Mayo Square: Basilica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the Municipal Palace and the Post Office. Afterwards, you can spend about one hour in the Firma y Odilo Estévez Municipal Decorative Art Museum.

2. National Flag Memorial
Between the Basilica and the Municipal Palace you’ve probably seen the Oath Passage, a wide path connecting the 25 de Mayo Square and the National Flag Memorial. Take it to explore the Memorial, take some photos and, finally, go to the top of the tower using the elevator. From there, take additional photos, but this time looking down at the city and the Paraná river from 70 meters high.

3. Córdoba Promenade (Shopping & Architecture)
Around 11 am, go back to the Oath Passage and, after crossing the 25 de Mayo Square, take the Córdoba Promenade to visit some architectonic icons of the city. Take notice of buildings such as La Bola de Nieve, Jockey Club, Banco Nación, Tienda La Favorita, Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario (on the iconic corner of Córdoba and Corrientes streets), La Agrícola and Palacio Minetti, among others. You can also do some shopping during your walk, since you’ll go by many shops and commercial galleries.

4. Paseo del Siglo,  Oroño Boulevard, & Macro Museum

You can have a short break in the small and picturesque Pringles Square (on the corner of Córdoba and Paraguay streets) before continuing to Paseo del Siglo shopping center and, later, to Oroño Boulevard. Once you arrive to the boulevard, turn right. Go along this elegant boulevard for 10 blocks, until you encounter the Paraná river and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario (Macro).

5. Downtown Coast
After a break, we recommend spending the rest of the afternoon walking along the riverside. Here, you’ll find places like the Island of Inventions (a must-see for families with children), the España Park, Sargento Cabral downhill, the National Flag Memorial Park and, some steps further, Nueva Terminal Fluvial complex, where you can leisurely sit in a bar at sunset. 


1. Scalabrini Ortiz Park & English Neighborhood
On Day two, you can visit the Scalabrini Ortiz Park and explore the English Neighborhood. Some blocks away from there, you can find the Alto Rosario Shopping.

2. Puerto Norte & Alem Park
From the shopping mall, head towards the Paper Boat and go ahead some steps more until you arrive to Puerto Norte, a public promenade ideal to take a break and sit down for a snack or a drink. Afterwards, you’ll start a new journey along the Paraná river heading North, stopping at several highlights along the 8-kilometer trajectory until you reach the lookout point of Costa Alta.

You’ll pass by the stadium of Rosario Central soccer team, Gigante de Arroyito, the Municipal Aquarium and the green areas of Alem Park. Walk along the edge of the park to visit another shopping mall, Portal Rosario Shopping

3. Riverside Walk, Villa Hortensia & La Florida
Following the Riverside Walk, after an area full of clubs and nautical sports, you’ll arrive to Alberdi neighborhood. It is worth branching off and walk upwards to visit the Church Sagrado Corazón de Jesús and the mansion Villa Hortensia, two iconic buildings of this neighborhood. Back in the coast, make a stop at one of the bars lying on the beaches of La Florida, the traditional beach resort of the city.

4. Costa Alta & Rosario-Victoria Bridge
We're getting nearer to the lookout point of Costa Alta. There, you can go down to the ravine (either walking or by car) and enjoy the sunset while watching the majestic Rosario-Victoria Bridge. To finish the day, bear in mind that there are several grills in the region that are famous for their gastronomic specialties including river fish.


1. Independence Park

We recommend starting Day three at the traditional Independence Park first thing in the morning. The most popular area is the one surrounding an artificial lake, where you can rent pedal boats. A few steps away, you can find the entrance to the Children's Garden, an amazing place for families with kids; and a bit further, the Coloso del Parque (Colossus of the Park), the name of the stadium of the soccer club Newell’s Old Boys.

2. Museums
At midday, you can go back to the bar located near the small lake, have a quick lunch while you use WiFi to check the current exhibitions of the museums nearby. A few steps away, you can find the Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum, the Museum of the City and the Dr. Julio Marc Provincial Historical Museum. We recommend visiting Castagnino Museum, one of the most important museums of the interior of the country.

3.  Pellegrini Avenue (ice creams, “carlito” sandwich, home-made beers)
As the afternoon comes to its end, take Pellegrini Avenue heading South to explore this traditional gastronomic circuit full of ice cream shops, bars, and restaurants. Indulge yourself with an ice cream —don’t forget that Rosario is the National Capital of the Home-Made Ice Cream.

Especially in the ten blocks between Dorrego St. and Sarmiento St. (called Pellegrini Promenade), we also recommend sitting in a bar and having a Carlito sandwich, the classical sandwich of Rosario, apart from tasting the delicious local home-made beer during Happy Hours at the end of the day.

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